Absolutely! That is if you are a Trump opponent. No! That is if you are a Trump supporter.

Bossie was named Trump’s Deputy Campaign Manager in September 2016 when he was the President of Citizens United of Supreme Court fame. At the time, Bossie had the unique distinction of having been previously condemned by the late President George H. W. Bush, President George W. Bush (when a campaign operative for his father in 1992) and House Speaker Newt Gingrich in 1998.

Upon his appointment, then campaign manager Kellyanne Conway warmly praised Bossie as “a battle-tested and brilliant strategist.”

Bossie’s previous strategic brilliance was as a relentless foe of the Clintons, as a George H. W. Bush campaign operative, and as a congressional investigator. Those stints did not go too well.

In 1992, he baselessly alleged that a pregnant woman had committed suicide in 1977 after having an affair with Bill Clinton. The woman’s mother told CBS that Bossie had hounded her relentlessly with his false story even following her to an Army hospital where her husband was recovering from a stroke, entering his hospital room and questioning her there about her daughter’s suicide.

This was too much for the late President. President Bush the elder called Bossie guilty of “filthy campaign tactics.” He later filed an FEC complaint against Bossie’s group after it produced a TV ad inviting voters to call a hot line to hear (likely doctored) tape-recorded conversations between Bill Clinton and Gennifer Flowers, according to Salon.

During the 1992 campaign, George W. Bush, on his father’s behalf sent a letter to 85,000 Republican contributors encouraging them not to contribute to Bossie’s efforts.

In 1998, Congressman Dan Burton, a relentless opponent of the Clintons, fired Bossie as a top investigator on the House Government and Reform Committee for his alleged role in releasing selectively edited transcripts of prison conversations by Clinton confidant Webster Hubbell, according to Media Matters.

Bossie’s actions on the Committee prompted then-Speaker Newt Gingrich to state to Burton, “I’m embarrassed for you, I’m embarrassed for myself, and I’m embarrassed for the [Republican] conference at the circus that went on at your committee.”

Certainly, David N. Bossie, that friend of rectitude, integrity, moderation and political finesse, can shake off condemnation by both Presidents Bush and Newt Gingrich to run the White House!