In today’s society, the world of politics is like a black powder keg just waiting to go off. Loud opinions and fiery arguments compete for your attention, but BaerBlog wants to help you cut through the confusion. Tom Baer’s blogs about politics offer interesting stories and information in an informative and unbiased way. Check out his political analysis blog to learn more about what interests you.

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Politics can be a confusing mass of information dumps and misleading claims, which is why this blog exists. BaerBlog offers dozens of stories about myriad topics to help you learn about important aspects of our country’s politics without all of the extra drama. We have posts covering a range of topics, from Biden’s ascension to President to information about Kim Jong-un’s meeting with President Trump.

Tom Baer has experience in both government positions and media work, and those years of experience, combined with his experience for analysis, explanation, and professional opinion, create posts that are easy to read, understand, and enjoy.

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