In this era of rancid politics and polarization, every day brings another shocker to evoke anger and disgust. Each shocker deserves its own lengthy demolition and dismemberment by commentators. But there are so many of these insults to intelligence and civility masquerading as “news” or opinion that Baerblog does not have the time (or inclination) to do a detailed job on each.

Instead, I am offering the following snippets of opinion for your delectation thereby saving us both a lot of time by instantly getting to the point. Careful reasoning and lawyer-like evenhandedness (“on the one hand; on the other hand”) be damned!

THE WHAT-ABOUT DIVERSION. Most dumb opinions these days come down to not discussing the subject by mentioning something else. The best example is that 97.8% of allegations about corruption by democrats against republicans is met with “what about Hunter Biden?” This resolves the problem of any republican cupidity. Similarly, opposition to democratic attacks on the latest republican grifter yield “what about Andrew Cuomo?”

ALVIN BRAGG. The Hamlet-like Manhattan District Attorney’s indictment of DJ Trump brought Cong. and former see-nothing wrestling coach Jim Jordan to Foley Square so that Congress can perform one of its signal duties: the investigation of a local district attorney for misfeasance, malfeasance and nonfeasance. Mr. Bragg tried to stop Jordan’s subpoena to his former special assistant who wrote a book about how Bragg should have indicted DJ Trump for financial crimes. Legal niceties aside, Bragg wants to stop his former aide from testifying that DJ Trump is a crook? Please.

FOX. $878.5 million to settle with plaintiff Dominion is fine with me. Those purists arguing for Fox’s on-air apology in addition to the money are not persuasive. Who would advise Dominion to turn down the money unless accompanied by an admission of the lies Fox circulated? Not me.

RON DE SANTIS. Is this guy a lox or what? Politico went up with a story this week describing the experience of a former republican congressman with then-congressman Ron De Santis. Seated next to De Santis on the Foreign Affairs committee for a year, Ron never introduced himself and never spoke to his colleague. The ex-congessman told Politico that Ron is an “asshole.” Ron’s vaunted meeting with congressmen in Washington this week provoked a number of them to announce that they were for DJ Trump with one actually walking out of the meeting to the waiting press to announce his defection.

DJ TRUMP. He is actually performing as a DJ at Mar-a-Lago parties doing a selection of golden oldies and Lawrence Welk faves. He is said to be rhythmically tapping his toes on the same flat feet that enabled him to avoid military service!

CLARENCE THOMAS. He says he “was told” that he didn’t have to report gratis vacations gifted by a friend to him and Ms. Thomas over two decades. This excuse reminds me of the time spent on the ethics question on the New York State bar exam during the exam prep course: less than a minute. “Whatever it is, you wouldn’t do it!” was the extent of the prep. Failure to report this even if the necessity of a report is not strictly required, is something “you wouldn’t do.”

SPEAKER MC CARTHY. Let’s see if I get this right. McCarthy wants the House to pass a 320-page bill that lowers spending and increases the debt ceiling until 2024 in the middle of the presidential and congessional campaigns even though this bill will not pass the senate and will never become law. The reason? So that McCarthy will be invited back to the White House (he was invited once, in February, and was not invited back.) The White House wants to see the republican budget. They don’t have one. Since no sane congress will fail to raise the debt limit and toss the USA into ruinous default, good luck Mr. Speaker.

THE METROPOLITAN OPERA. This creative powerhouse and treasure of music lovers has been making bad business decisions for years and could go dark. Next season’s solution: reduce the total number of performances and emphasize contemporary works. The theory is that these modern operas are “relevant” and will bring in younger patrons. Not so. Based on my attendance at “Champion,” a modern opera about troubled boxer Emile Griffith, neither older NOR younger patrons are going to modern opera. Half-empty. Younger audiences don’t care and older audiences are not interested.